Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken
I use my new app "Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken" not only when refueling my car, but also to calculate some statistics behind the scenes.
The past few days I was looking into a correlation between days with increased traffic volume and fuel price increases. At first, I thought that Pentecost ("Pfingsten") would be a perfect proof for this since it's very popular for traveling in Austria and people typically use their car to get to their desired holiday destination. However, despite the price increases before and towards Pentecost, the prices continued to rise even after the Pentecost weekend:
This makes me think that the price increases are driven by macroeconomic inflaters rather than foreseeable events.
So it seems to me that Pentecost has just been right in the middle of this boost and that it's not necessarily correlated.
To be able to draw better conclusions about correlations and maybe even causalities I'm looking forward to collecting more fuel price data within the next years and to provide insights from the data directly to the users of the app.
Don't miss out on the features that the app already has though, such as current price information for all gas stations in Austria, price trends, and even some price history over the recent past.
You are welcome to download it free of charge: https://sprit.pertiller.tech

Android: Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken

iOS: Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken