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Comparison of fuel prices in Austria by federal state

The new update of "Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken" contains a federal-state comparison with the average prices per "Bundesland". It also shows the currently cheapest and most expensive federal state.
Example of the current price difference: On average, diesel prices in Burgenland are at the moment 6.3 cents cheaper than in Vienna. 🤔
The app takes a total of 2700 gas stations from all over Austria into account. ⛽️


A side note: it is difficult to derive the federal state from an Austrian postal code systematically. For example, postcodes beginning with 5 are not automatically within Salzburg, but can also belong to Upper Austria. For the relatively small Burgenland, where most postcodes start with 7, some start with 2 (Lower Austria) or 8 (Styria). Lower Austria even tops this diversity...


If anyone wants to know the exact mapping of zip codes to federal states, here are JSON files that I made available as open-source on GitHub:


Want to dive into the stats directly?

Download the app here:

Tanken.fyi: A turbulent year at the gas pump!
Spritpreise AT - Clever Tanken


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