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Tanken.fyi: A turbulent year at the gas pump!

tanken.fyi: Fuel Prices in 2023

A turbulent year at the gas pump! 🚗💭

2023 was a true price dance at the gas stations in Austria.

This infographic from my website https://tanken.fyi captures the wild ride of diesel and gasoline prices. See for yourself how the costs fluctuated:

  • 🌞 Summer low for diesel
  • ❄️ Gasoline low at the beginning of the year
  • 🍂 Autumn price peaks
  • 🎄 Price calming towards the end of the year
  • 📊 Diesel on average more expensive than Super 95

Did these price fluctuations affect your driving behavior?

All data is based on my free app "Spritpreise AT: Clever Tanken". You can get it for free at https://tanken.fyi 📲

#lessDrivingIsMore #MobilityTransition?

Comparison of fuel prices in Austria by federal st...


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